Gourmet Camp-Oven Tucker

About 35 years ago a mate of mine invited me to a bush camp on the Anabranch of the Darling River with a mob of blokes called the Duck Pool Duck Pluckers. Initially I was a bit sceptical but I met a group of true bushmen that welcomed anyone from 5 to 95 years into their camp. Amongst the   seniors in the camp were blokes Like Cappy Watts, Duchy, Jacky Mann and a number others that were proud Bush Cooks and men among the men.

That is where I learnt that a Camp Oven wasn’t just for strewed chops or a salt bush mutton roast.

As a chef I always took an interest in what the blokes were preparing and one evening whilst sitting under a box tree in the dimming light watching a couple of the camp cooks working on their latest creation in a large camp oven made out of a truck rim and plough disks I started asking    questions and one of the blokes turned and looked straight at me and said:  “Being a Chef is one thing but we can make Gourmet Tucker In our Camp-Oven

That set the seed for the creation of   Gourmet Camp-Oven Catering

After years of practice and blending my chef skills with those that the Legendary Cooks of The Duck Pool Duck Pluckers taught me I have created a mobile kitchen equipped with camp ovens that can cater for almost any function anywhere.

Each time I light up the ovens I take a second to think of the Bush Cooks that helped make my dream come true.

“Enjoy Your Gourmet Tucker”